Copperheads membership opportunities are open to all players within the Falls Church Kiwanis Little League (FCKLL). Players from outside FCKLL will be considered for membership, but preference will be given to those participating in FCKLL. 

The Copperheads are committed to supporting our local Little League, and requires all players to play in their local Little League (or other house-league equivalent) during Spring season, in addition to the Copperheads.

Copperheads 2024 11U Orange Team Overview

Fall 2023:  7-8-2

Team Manager:  Adam Alderson
Asst. Coach:  Al Grenfell
Asst. Coach:  Joshua Zelenka

Ryan A. #10
Benji Z. #12
Caleb E. #32
Calvin M. #7
Carter M. #11
Dante W. #47
Emmett G. #23

Jesse M
Lincoln T. #9
Phillip D. #3
Will J. #34